Alumni Association of
  Acharya Pharmacy

About Us
The alumni Association was established in 2008 to enhance the relationship between Acharya and B.M Reddy College its alumni thereby encouraging excellence in its graduates. The role of an Alumni Relations Council member is to ensure the ongoing success of the Acharya and B.M. Reddy Alumni Association by strategizing and implementing policies and initiatives to promote long-term growth, opportunities for networking and career advancement, increased alumni and community involvement, and financial stability. The Council shall meet once in a year. The Council will address the following issues as they relate to the Alumni Association:
  • Alumni Events and Constituent Programming.
  • Mentoring Program.
  • Marketing and Communications.
  • Nominating.
  • Finance and Long-Range Planning.
Corporate Partnership and Community Support Responsibilities of a Council member include:

Duties of Executive Committee of AAAP
  • Attend three Board of Directors meetings annually.
  • Serve on a standing Association Committee (Alumni and Student Programs; Communications, Marketing, and Records; or Membership)
  • Adhere to the bylaws of the Association.
  • Represent the Association at special events locally and nationally.
  • Actively promote membership in the Association.
  • Identify and cultivate volunteer leaders and financial support for the Association.
  • Make a gift to the Association and/or College annually.
  • Must be a member of the Acharya and B. M. Reddy College Alumni Association.
  • Ability to attend three meetings of the Board of Directors annually at own expense.
  • Have a positive view of the Association and College.
Alumni Council Roles and Responsibilities
   Nominated members of the Alumni Council are expected to:
  1. Adopt the Alumni Association core values of excellence, lifelong relationships, lifelong learning, inclusiveness and diversity, global citizenship and advocacy.
  2. Participate faithfully and consistently in Alumni Council meetings and functions, regional alumni chapter events and other college functions.
  3. Participate actively in strategic and long range program planning to promote alumni awareness, engagement and commitment to the college.
  4. Enthusiastically communicate the mission and purpose of the college and Alumni Association to the wider alumni population.
  5. Support a strong relationship between the Alumni Association and current students.
  6. Serve actively on at least one Alumni Council committee.
  7. Remain constantly informed about the University and the Alumni Associationís mission, services, priorities and programs.
  8. Recognize fellow alumni who are distinguished by their loyalty, professional achievement and community Service.
  9. Assist current students and alumni in career planning, placement and transitions.
  10. Develop strong working relationships with other Alumni Council members.
  11. Support the Alumni Association through payment of alumni dues and encourage fellow alumni to do the same.
  12. Support the college through an annual gift commensurate with your personal circumstances and encourage other alumni to do the same.
  13. Offer feedback, as required, on proposed revisions to existing by-laws, policies, programs and practices.
  14. Understanding the role and responsibilities of an Alumni Relations Council member.
  15. Attending Council meetings.
  16. Selecting an area of interest among the Council issues in which to participate.
  17. Participating in Acharya and B. M. Reddy alumni events and activities.